38. Electrochem Revision 1 J2 CHEM MOVIES

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38. Electrochem Revision 1



Key Concepts for Redox: 1. Calculating Oxidation States 2. Balancing half-equations using AOHE technique 3. Calculation unknown OS of reactant / product Key Concepts for Electrochemical Cells: 1. Full cell is made up of two half-cells (of metal-ion or gas-ion or ion-ion): cathode (more positive E value) and anode (more negative E value) 2. Calculation of Ecell = Ered – Eox or Ecell = Ecathode – Eanode 3. Using the formula delta G = -zFEcell to predict the spontaneity of reactions. Key Concepts for Atomic Structure: 1. Behaviour of particles in electric field and calculating angle of deflections. 2. Using key concepts (ENC, Different Subshell, Inter-electronic repulsion, Different Principal Quantum Shells and Distance between nucleus and valence electron) to explain differences in IE for elements. 3. Successive IEs of an element. Key Concepts for Chemical Bonding: 1. 4 key structures (Giant Metallic, Giant Ionic, Giant Covalent and Simple Covalent) and bonding (metallic bond, ionic, covalent and intermolecular forces of attractions) 2. Factors affecting strength of bonds / IMF 3. VSEPR Theory to predict shape and bond angles about central atom. 4. Polarity of Bonds (non-polar / polar) and polarity of molecules (molecule is polar if there is polar bond present and a net dipole moment). Key Concepts for The Gaseous State: 1. Two main calculation question types: Type 1: only one state Apply pV = nRT using SI units to solve unknown. Type 2: change in condition from initial to final state. 2. Graph Sketching: Use pV = nRT (tick on constant variables) and follow the variables on the y axis and/or the x axis to get linear, reciprocal, horizontal or vertical lines graphs. 3. Identifying gases and conditions based on deviations from ideality.

2. 38. Electrochem Revision 1

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