About us


Our Sitcoms are offered free of charge to students from The Physics Cafe (PMC.SG Education Group). 

Sitcoms are short videos that are sorted and grouped together based on each concept (question type) within a chapter for those who have little time to spare for tuition and our Movies. If you learn better with many examples and practice, our Sitcoms are meant for you as every short video includes quality explanation by our tutors, providing you with the most efficient way of solving questions.

 All topics and concepts will be included. From time to time, videos in the bundle will be replaced, updated with fresh content, relevant to what the students need at that point of time.



Our Movies are recordings of our regular weekly lessons at PMC. Each Movie is 2 hours long, covers different topics and concepts each week, and will be updated as the weeks go by! Movies are perfect for students who require more explanation and help in understanding the basics of the concepts.

Our Movies are also available on an annual subscription basis! Gain access to all our movies for a year through a ONE-TIME subscription to Movies! An account will be created for you within 24 hours of payment. Each membership will expire at the end of the year. You will be given 10 coupons every 2 months which you can apply and get 100% discount during checkout. You are entitled to watch up to a max of 10 free videos every 2 months. Our videos are updated every week to ensure you stay on track with the curriculum! 
Do contact us at: https://tinyurl.com/ask-PMC to enquire about subscriptions! 

All annual digital members can join our live lesson every month.
1) All subscribers will receive an exclusive invite to attend a Live Online Lesson (LOL) with the tutor.
2) You can submit your topic/question you wish to be discussed in the LOL.
3) The recorded video will be included in the bundle and you may watch the recorded lesson in your own free time.